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Welcome to the Mount and Blade, and Mount and Blade: Warband Modding Wikipedia. The Open Wiki for the M&B Modding community.

Our Mission

The objective of this wiki is having a place where we can put all the working M&B Open Source scripts, tutorials and more useful modding information in a democratic, organized, free and easily modifiable hub where everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge for the shake of it. All the contributions herein are released as public domain.

Every Tutorial, every Script, every OSP even File-Type Structures, shaders or editor information like Notepad++ or a tool to edit the module is accepted on this Wiki. We have also saved some space for mods and development teams.

Editing and Creating

  • You're free to create and edit any page with sundry content.
    Users who create pages are free to lock them down for their own scripts, so no one else can change their script and screw it up.
  • Of course you're not allowed to use or post insolent words, unsolicited advertising, hate speech or racism.
  • Content that is off-topic can and may be deleted.

If you don't follow these rules you will be punished with an IP block to edit pages.


Thanks for reading and hopefully we can grow to be a big resource for the modding community.